That Ashley Girl

Friday, July 01, 2005

Long Weekend

I am going out of town with A.J. and a few of our friends for a long weekend that is sure to involve various forms of debauchery.

In fact, I am typing this very entry instead of what I should be doing, which is packing. Procrastination is probably the #1 reason why this blog ever has anything new.

Anyway, assuming I make it back alive, I'll have a full report early next week. In the meantime, have a fun holiday weekend and try not to do anything (or anyone) I wouldn't.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything, but according to this site my pornstar name is "Sandra Spunk." Personally, I'm not a big fan of the word "spunk." I'd much rather go by "Jessica Jizz" or "Connie Cum."

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

How Freaky Are You? (Quiz)

- Copy this entire list into your blog/journal.
- BOLD everything about you that is true.
- Leave plain anything that is false about you.
- Put an asterisk at the end of false statements you would LIKE to be true.

I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.*
I have blindfolded someone else during sex.
I have had sex while watching porn.
I have had sex while surfing porn on the Internet.
I sleep better after sex.
There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating.
The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex.
I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate.
I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.*
I have had sex over a web cam.*
I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on.
I have been tied up during sex.
I have had sex with someone who was tied up.*
I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.*
I have had a lover drip wax onto my body.*
I have a foot fetish.
I have a leather fetish.
I have a tickle fetish.
I like being choked during sex.
I have had sex in a burning building.
I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence.*
I enjoy nudie magazines.
Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.*
I think PLAYBOY is tame, maybe even boring.
I have clicked on porn links in my email.
I know the difference between girl/girl and lesbian sex in porn.*
I have watched more than one gay/lesbian porn video.
Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.
Interracial sex turns me on.
I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex.
I would participate in sex research given the opportunity.
My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.
I currently have a "crush" on someone of the same sex.
I have had sex at my place of employment.
I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis.
I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
I have had sex under water.
I have had sex in the snow.*
I am in a polyamorous relationship.
I have to have music playing while having sex.
I have had more than ten orgasms in one night.
I have flashed strangers.
I have given sex as a gift.
I have set-up a three-way for my lover.*
I stopped during this list to have sex.*

(Found via Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl.)

Monday, June 27, 2005

Ask Ash (Mini Version)

I am recovering from a wild weekend (more later, I'm sure), so I don't have the energy or brainpower to write anything longer today. Instead, here are my answers to a few questions one of my blogging buddies, J-Mo, asked the other day ...

Not asking you to reveal your magic number, but would you ever hesitate on sleeping with someone during this single time of yours for fear of raising your number?

"This single time of yours" made me laugh. Anyway ... no, I wouldn't. I'd much rather have fun and tons of great sex than keep some silly "magic number" low just for the sake of keeping it low.

Actually, one of my goals in life right now is to get my number of orgasms as high as it can possibly go, so that takes precedence over pretending to be the Virgin Mary.

Would you be honest with a boyfriend if he asked?

Yes, and I have. In fact, boys tend to ask this a lot, even though they like to pretend that they don't really care.

What's too many?

I have been with boys who have said low numbers and I've been with boys who have said high numbers, and the boys with the low numbers tend to raise more of a red flag in my head.

Imagine you're with a boy and when you ask him how many girls he's been with, he says, "You're my second."

Now imagine you ask the same thing of another boy and he says, "I don't know, probably a dozen or so."

Which is more likely to surprise you?

If you were to ask a guy you started seeing what would be too many for him to say?

It would have to be something crazy, like in the hundreds. In fact, the line would have to be crossed from him being a slut to him being some sort of sex-obsessed maniac. Of course, first it would have to be higher than mine.

Pictured Above: I wonder what her magic number is?

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Nipples seem to be a hot topic of late, with a constant flow of celebrity "nip slips" culminating in Jessica Alba's nipples actually making an appearance.

So after witnessing the uproar Alba's semi-exposed, never-before-seen nipples caused in the blog world, I started thinking about why nipples are such a big deal.

Even setting aside the fact that the United States is far more obsessed with breasts than just about anywhere else in the world, most people seem especially obsessed with nipples.

I have to admit, I don't really get it. I have been known to play with and/or suck on a boys' nipples, but they certainly aren't the first thing I go to when the clothes come off.

Actually, if I were to make a list of the physical things I find sexy in a boy (which I should probably do one day, just for fun), I'm guessing nipples would be pretty close to the bottom.

The same list for every boy I know would almost surely include nipples near the top. And almost every boy who has been lucky enough to get my top off has focused on my nipples for what I would consider a disproportionate amount of time (not that I'm complaining or anything).

Before I started reading blogs that track the world of celebrity nipples, I never really gave my nipples much thought. I wear tight shirts and low-cut dresses without bras all the time, and I have even been known to walk around the hallways of my dorm in nothing but a towel.

Until now, I thought nothing of it. In fact, I sort of treated my nipples as an accessory, like earrings or a necklace. On a hot day, I often go braless, and I think my nipples poking through my shirt is an attractive look.

I mean, it worked for Jennifer Aniston on Friends for what, a dozen years? And like Aniston, my nipples have a tendency to get hard a lot (when I'm turned on, when the air-conditioning is running, when a slight breeze blows past, etc.)

But now that I know just how obsessed boys seem to be with nipples, I'm starting to rethink my position on them. For instance, yesterday I was wearing a pink tank-top and I was unusually aware of the fact that my nipples were visible.

There is really no reason for me to worry about my nipples being hard. Boys certainly don't worry about theirs, right? Yet because of the country's fascination with nipples, something that is fairly innocent has been turned into something that is potentially kind of creepy.

And here I was thinking that the only thing I had to worry about boys starting at as I walked around campus was my ass!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

On Second Thought ...

Okay, so it turns out I'm just paranoid. Apparently anyone can pretend to be me in the comments, so it had nothing to do with someone figuring out who I was or using my password or anything like that.

Sheesh, I feel like such a doofus.

Anyway, now that my secret is once again safe (and was never not safe), I'll definitely be back with something new for you to read Friday. In fact, I'll make it an extra-long entry because I feel bad about skipping a few days.

So, if you have any "Ask Ash" questions you'd like to me answer, either leave them in the comments or e-mail them to me.

In the meantime, here's a nice e-mail I got yesterday:

I stumbled upon your blog, read a bunch of the stories...and it got me so aroused I had to go pleasure myself.

With that introduction you may stopped reading, but hopefully you'll take that as a compliment. My girlfriend's out of town, I haven't had sex for a while, and some of your stories just turned me on.

What I loved about them was your brutal honesty and the way you talk about sex/relationship like...most guys would. I think girls today are so concerned as not being labeled as "sluts" or "whores" or what have you, that they all go out of their way to act prim and proper and take the high road.....when in reality, there all just as horny as most guys but don't want to admit it.

Sex shouldn't be taboo or dirty or something that only occurs followed by dinner and candles in a bed with the lights off. You get that, aren't bashful about telling people how you think, and despite not having one iota of any picture of what you may look like, as Paris Hilton would say, that's hot.

Anyway, I was reading your "fuck friends" post and I completely agree. I've had a few of them, one of them in college (yes, I'm a little older than you), and a couple post college. And while I'll never tell my current girlfriend this, I had the greatest sex of my life in the "fuck friends" relationships. I'm not sure what it was...maybe it was just that I knew that the relationship was all about fucking and nothing else, which made it so hot.

I'm rambling, but holla back if you want. Keep up the good work.