That Ashley Girl

Friday, May 13, 2005

School's Out For the Summer

It's finally over.

I handed in my last paper and took my last final exam today, so I am now a free woman until ... I don't know, I think like the end of August or something. So hopefully, after I take a few days to move out, move in, unwind and work on my tan, I will get back into the groove of blogging again.

In my continuing effort to motivate myself to start blogging regularly, I went through all of my old "links" to see how many of them gave up on linking to this blog while I was away. Sadly, the majority of them did. Thankfully, some very good ones didn't.

So I went through all the links and cleaned house, removing everyone who either hasn't updated in a long time and/or doesn't link to me anymore. That leaves just 17 blogs that are still running and still linking here, which is kinda sad. But hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

A couple hundred people have already stopped by here today and it's not even dinner time, so I'm starting to feel okay about at least having an audience again. :)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blast From the Past: Tackling the Important Issues

I originally wrote this back on July 6, 2004. If you're wondering why I am re-posting it now, read this. And if you have a blog, please link to me. I am in full on link-whore mode right now, trying to motivate myself to get back into writing.

I've decided not to pull any punches here. I'm anonymous and no one I know knows I am writing this, so there's no danger in talking honestly about anything and everything I can think up, right? So ...

What's the deal with boys wanting to cum on girls' faces?

If you are a sexually active female between the ages of 16 and 40, you have no doubt noticed the sudden upswing in this behavior from boys. I've not only noticed it in my personal experiences, but in porn as well. And yes, I do watch porn.

I am hoping my male readers will chime in here and give me their thoughts. And don't give me any of that stuff about how you're not interested in doing it. If no boys are interested in doing it, how come (no pun intended) all these girls have jizz on their faces?! Someone is doing it!

The first time I was faced (no pun intended, again) with this issue was in high school. I was at this boy's house and we were doing "stuff" in his room. Back then I wouldn't let just anyone fuck me, but I was giving out blow jobs like they were going out of style (which they weren't ... blow jobs are definitely still in style).

So there I was, showing him what I could do, and when we get to the "end," he says, "I want to cum on your face." Now, up until this point the only major request I had gotten in this situation was "I want to cum in your mouth" or, a subtle variation, "I want you to swallow it."

If you would have told me, way back when I gave my first handjob to this boy named Jeremy at summer camp, that I would someday be letting boys cum in my mouth, I would have called you a liar. But I am someone willing to adapt to the times, and I eventually had no problem letting boys cum in my mouth. I even learned to swallow, like a "good girl" should.

In fact, I once had a boy tell me, "Good girls spit ... better girls swallow." Boys are such poets.

Anyway, it came (again, no pun intended) as a shock to my system when I got my first "on your face" request. I didn't really want to at the time, but there isn't much you can say to disuade a boy when he's got the "OH YEAH!" face and he's about three seconds from losing it, so I just smiled and waited for it.

And it came (okay, that one was intended) and was a real mess. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part is that 30 seconds later, after the horniness has completely left the boy, there I was with a bunch of cum on my face. I don't know how he avoided laughing.

And then a couple years passed without any face cumming and I found my way to college. Suddenly the request resurfaced, and constantly. By this past year, I couldn't give a blow job without the boy wanting to leave his little present on my sweet little face.

And while I once again adapted (begrudgingly, for sure), I still don't understand it all. I mean, I understand on the most basic level that it is probably a power trip for the boy. Lord knows half the stuff boys do sexually can probably be summed up with "it is probably a power trip," but this goes beyond that.

Every boy is asking for this. From one-night stands and long-term relationships to porn stars and drunken frat boys. How did this find its way into the mainstream?

Is there a group of girls somewhere who are to blame? Like maybe 50 of them all got together and went around giving blow jobs, telling every boy that he had to cum on their face? Or is porn to blame? And if porn is to blame, how did porn get the bright idea to start making every scene end with the girl getting her face messy?

These are the things I think of all day. Actually, these are the things I think of after I give a blow job that ends in a "facial." When we first got together, A.J. would cum wherever I told him to. He was just thankful that I was making him cum, so thankful that anything else didn't even cross his mind.

But now we've been "fuck buddies" for a while and he's gotten into the habit of requesting a "facial" about half the time. I oblige, of course, because I'm usually caught up in the moment and because I am a good girl who likes to please, but I almost always start wondering about it afterwards.

So here I am, a young, sexually active girl, wondering how and why all these boys got so obsessed with cumming on my face?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My New Plan

I'm still too busy with the end of the school year to start writing stuff here regularly again, but the response I got the other day when I said I was thinking about coming back really made me feel good. So, I have an idea.

The main thing keeping me from diving back into writing here every day is the fact that my once huge audience has all but disappeared. It depresses me to think about writing stuff for such a small number of people after I used to have a couple thousand readers every day. But it's tough to get that audience back without writing every day, so you can see my dilemma.

So, while I put the finishing touches on the end of this semester (stupid finals!), I am going to run some of my old blog entries from last year. Most of you have probably never read them, since I am going to pick ones from way back, and those of you who have already read them might enjoy doing so again.

Plus, it'll give people who are nice enough to starting coming here every day something to read, and that will hopefully give me enough of an audience to motivate me to start writing actual new stuff again.

Sounds like a decent plan, right?