That Ashley Girl

Monday, April 11, 2005

No, I'm Not Dead

To anyone still checking this blog on a regular basis (and there are still a surprising number of you, apparently), I apologize for the lack of new entries over the past three months or so. I just haven't had much time to devote to something like this, so I've sort of forgotten about it altogether. It's sad, because I really enjoyed blogging for the short time I was doing it.

I checked my Yahoo! e-mail account for the first time in months yesterday, and to my shock there were a ton of e-mails from readers. That made me feel extra bad for completely ignoring both this blog and the e-mails, so I want to at least post a few of them here today.

From Flo:

Hey Ashley,

I accidentally discovered your defunct blog a few days ago. You have a uncanny gift for sharp, lucid, it's-so-damn-witty-it-sounds-unintentional kind of writing. That is hugely sexy. Speaking of which, I'd love to fuck you. Do you think, er, that this could be arranged?

Lustfully yours,


That is one of the best compliments I think I have ever gotten, although I'm not sure if "Flo" is a boy or a girl. Either way, thank you and yes.

From Daniel:


I came across your blogger page and have been reading a lot of your posts. Haven't figured out what you are studying in school, but if you're not studying writing I think you should look into that. These are some of the best written entries I've ever read. You have a keen talent for telling a story and making the stupidest thing interesting. You don't know me from Adam but I just wanted to tell you how great a writer I think you are.

Thank you,


Seriously, I feel like crying now.

From Spencer:

are you done?

missing you, dearly.

Honestly, if I could find a way to create one more hour each day I would spend it writing a new blog entry seven days a week. But this school and work stuff is really getting in the way of fun.

And now I guess I'll go back under my rock for a few more months. Sorry. :(