That Ashley Girl

Monday, June 06, 2005


I came home very drunk Saturday night, checked my e-mail, and tried to hydrate before going to bed. While I was doing so, I had the following, completely unedited conversation on AIM (although I did change the screen name to protect the innocent):

mysteryboy: ash

thatashleygirl04: hi

mysteryboy: why the hell are you home so early?

thatashleygirl04: very drunk

mysteryboy: that never stopped you before

thatashleygirl04: i coulndt stand uo

mysteryboy: wanna come over?

thatashleygirl04: no

mysteryboy: i'll let you blow me

thatashleygirl04: no

mysteryboy: seriously, i'll come pick you up

thatashleygirl04: ill puke on u

mysteryboy: no you won't

thatashleygirl04: wnana bet

mysteryboy: yes, i do i bet you won't puke on me if you come over and blow me right now

thatashleygirl04: my head hurts

mysteryboy: you're no fun. i'll call you tomorrow


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