That Ashley Girl

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Don't Call It A Comeback


Long time no blog.

I have to say, while I don't really have any visions of re-starting this thing, I miss writing and I miss chatting with people and I miss reading the comments.

I wish I could somehow find a way to add about 60 extra minutes to each day, so I could spend it telling you about what's going on with me. Instead, I'm stuck taking biology exams and trying to master the Spanish language.

Things are pretty good with me. My grades are good, my sex life is even better, and I'm doing an internship that I love. The only thing missing is being able to confess all my sins to you guys on a daily basis, but you can't have everything, I guess.

Anyway, I just wanted to check in because I know a lot of people continue to stop by here in the hopes that I'll make my triumphant return. It's not happening, at least not right now, although I really wish I could.

If I only I was independently wealthy, I could spend my days doing all sorts of exciting and naughty things and then write all about it here. Instead, I have to bother with alarm clocks and mid-term exams and studying. Ick.

Until next time ...