That Ashley Girl

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Next Morning

How do you know you had a crazy Friday night?

You wake up Saturday at noon, completely hung over, wearing all of the clothes you had on the night before ... except for your underwear.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Guilty Me

I feel so guilty that my posting schedule has dropped to 2-3 times per week from the near-daily routine of summer, especially since the amount of visitors to this blog keep rising. (We're approaching 1,000 perverts a day, people!)

But, sadly, school saps an awful lot of a person's free time, and so does sleeping and eating and drinking (and drinking) and seducing young boys down the hall.

Since I've been missing in action quite a bit lately, I should probably answer the three questions I've been getting the most via comments and e-mails ...

Yes, I plan on fucking Brian again. Even if someone is really bad, I give them a second chance to make sure, and Brian definitely wasn't bad.

No, it isn't awkward seeing him around the dorm (yet).

No, A.J. doesn't know about Brian, although we both made it very clear that we are not exclusive to each other.

Other than that, it's just business as usual here in Ashleyland. I just found out that I got an A-minus on my first big paper of the year, so I'll be walking around campus with a little extra swagger in my step today.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Mission Accomplished (For Real This Time)

We fucked, and it was pretty damn good.

Weeks of courting and seduction culminated in my boy toy Brian and I getting naked and sweaty over the weekend (finally!)

Since you guys are nothing but nosy little gossips (which is what I love about you), here are some of the juicy details ...

As cute as he is with his clothes on, he looked 10 times better wearing nothing at all. He has what I would consider the perfect body -- skinny but muscular, with just the right amount of body hair in just the right spots.

Needless to say, when he finally disrobed after all this time, I was in heaven. And he must have liked what he saw too, because within seconds of our clothes coming off, his cock was rock hard (also just how I like it, coincidentally).

In case you're wondering, his cock isn't huge or anything, but it's what I would call a "nice" size. Not big enough to make me say "OHMYGOD," but also not small enough to disappoint me.

After plenty of kissing and rubbing and touching (he paid a lot of attention to my nipples, which was nice), I went down on him for a while, giving him the full Ashley treatment (a little sucking, a little licking, a little ball playing, a little deepthroating).

Then, in what was a very pleasant surprise, he returned the favor for quite some time. When he was finished, I was so turned on that he could have been packing two inches and it wouldn't have made any difference.

The actual sex was good, but a little awkward. I assume he wasn't a virgin, although I didn't ask ("Have you ever done that before?" is not exactly the question a boy wants to hear after he fucks you), but I'd guess he's only fucked a few times.

It was like he knew all the moves and had done them before, but hadn't quite perfected his form. He was good and he lasted a reasonable amount of time, but there were some awkward pauses as he attempted to ... I dunno, let's say get into proper position.

I came, but only once, which is pretty normal for me when I'm with someone for the very first time. He also came just once (it's so sad that that's the maximum for you boys) and he made the cutest face as he climaxed, like a cross between squinting to see something far off in the distance and yawning, along with a barely audible "ohhhhh."

So yeah, that's what I did this weekend.