That Ashley Girl

Friday, September 24, 2004

Your Wish ...

All I ever hear from you guys now is "let's see a picture." Over and over again, that's what the comments have become; people complaining that I'm fake and people saying they need to see a picture. Okay, fine.


That Ashley Girl

Happy now?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Mission Accomplished

Sorry about the lack of a new entry yesterday, but I was out pretty late Sunday night and then had to get up far too early yesterday morning for class. If you'll try to forgive me, I'll tell you a little bit about my weekend ...

As soon as I got home from classes Friday afternoon, I had only one thing on my mind: my mission. His name is Brian, he's the seemingly innocent boy down the hall, and I wanted to make him my boy toy.

So I threw my backpack in my room, did a quick check in the mirror (I looked marvelous, but not too marvelous) and marched down the hall to his room.

Knock. Knock.

My young prince answered the door and I pounced, like a well-trained pitbull, asking him such things as "What are you doing tonight?" and "Do you wanna come hang out with me?"

In doing so, I learned two things about him.

One is that, unlike just about every other boy I've ever met, when he has a girl in his room he doesn't immediately invite her to come sit on his bed. Seriously, I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard, "Sorry, I don't have a good chair ... you can sit on my bed."

The second thing is that he's not freakishly shy, like I initially feared, just shy enough to be cute and intriguing. For instance, I asked him if he had a favorite drink, so I could make sure there was some for him to have, and he responded, "I'll drink whatever."

And I told him I'd come by later that night to pick him up and he responded, "Oh, you're coming to pick me up? You might have to meet my parents first."

Just like that, I had big plans for the evening. This was by far the most outgoing I had ever seen my young 'thang and he was incredibly cute, although up until that point he had mostly been stammering and staring at the floor for the last two weeks, which I also thought was quite cute.

So we had a "date," and later that night, after I showered and shaved and chose my very best "we're not going to a party, but I still wanna look good even though we're just hanging out in someone's room" attire, I picked him up and led him up to the third floor "lounge," which is home to four boys and Friday night's little get-together.

There were about 10-15 people there at various points during the evening, with plenty of drinking, lots of sitting around doing nothing, and too much of the boys yelling at each other over a video game.

I finally pulled young Brian away from playing pretend football and we sat down next to each other on a little couch. With a little liquid courage in him and the clock past midnight, I was hoping he'd break out some moves, and thankfully he did.

Over the next, I dunno, 20 minutes or so, we engaged in some extremely heavy petting. I felt a little bit like I was back in high school, which I have to admit was fun.

He's a very good kisser, and as my hands toured his body, I could tell that he was as excited about what we were doing as I was. Still, we didn't take it any further than kissing and touching, and our clothes, for the most part, stayed on our bodies.

Plenty of time my friends, plenty of time. I always get my man.