That Ashley Girl

Friday, August 27, 2004

Ask Ash (Volume 3)

I like the sort of groove we're in, you and I.

I write about whatever it is I feel like writing about on a particular day, and then you send me comments and questions that happen to pop into your head while you're reading whatever I wrote. Then I answer the questions and respond to the comments, and the cycle begins again. It's a beautiful thing.

Let's get right to it ...

Do you still post at school?

I'm sure I will write new stuff once school starts up again, but this blog is only a few months old, so I've never actually tried to write new stuff while at school.

As for how often I'll be writing new entries once I've got classes to go to and tests to study for, your guess is as good as mine.

Do you like your men shaved? If so, how much/how little?

First of all, I like the phrase "your men." It's as if I have a stable of them, ready to please me at all times. Maybe some day ...

Anyway, the answer to this question is a complicated one, because all boys are different down there. Some boys are really hairy, some boys aren't hairy at all. Some boys have hair that's kind of gross, some boys have hair that's kind of nice.

In general though, I don't like a boy who is shaved. What I like is a boy who is "trimmed" or "groomed." In other words, when I'm sucking your cock, I don't want to have to navigate my way through a thick bush of pubic hair.

On the other hand, I've seen some boys who are completely bald down there and it is more than a little freaky. A bald crotch looks sexy on a girl (if I do say so myself), whereas it looks strange on a boy. I'm not sure why, but that's just how it goes.

A little hair is good, a lot of hair is bad, no hair is worse.

What's your class load for this semester?

I think this is probably the least sexual, least personal question I've ever gotten. I mean, I expect to get questions with the word "load" in them, but not like this.

As for the answer to your question (which I can't imagine anyone caring about), I have a "full load" for this semester, with a few too many morning classes for my liking.

What's your favorite type of candy?

Definitely Skittles.

Is it possible to bounce a quarter off your abs?

I know it sounds like bragging (in fact, someone IM'd me the other day and told me he didn't like my blog anymore because I was "bragging" all the time), but my body is fantastic right now.

Easily the best it's ever been, and I think it's always been pretty damn good. My stomach is about as flat as humanly possible right now, so yeah, you could bounce just about anything off my abs.

How do you feel about older men?

Well, I am into men, in general, so that also includes older men. That said, I know some girls who are pretty much only into older men, and I think that's a little creepy.

If you're constantly attracted to men who are twice your age (or more), I think you probably have some sort of an issue with your father. So, while I definitely find some older men attractive (I had a professor last year that I would have gone down on in a second), I prefer boys my own age, all things being equal.

Masturbation: when, why, with what, how often, who/what do you think about during?

I know some girls who make masturbation a whole event, complete with all sorts of gadgets and power tools. I've never really been into that (not that I'm against it), mostly because I don't need it.

I use my hand, and nothing else. Thankfully, I have always been pretty good at it and, whether it is masturbation or sex with another person, I'm "easy" to make cum. It's quite a gift and I'm thankful for it every day!

As for how often I do it ... not very often. There are definitely times when I'm alone and I just need to do it, but most of the time, if I'm horny, I'd rather be with a boy.

The great thing about being a girl is that, if you want to have some sex, you can have some sex (I've never had a boy tell me he's too tired). I think about 90% of boys' masturbation comes from the fact that they're horny and can't find a girl to fuck.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Me, In A Great Mood

It is 1 a.m. Wednesday night/Thursday morning right now and I am in the greatest mood. Such a good mood, in fact, that instead of just going to bed and disappointing you all again by not having a new entry for today, I'm writing this.

Today was my last day of work for the summer and I couldn't be happier about it. The job sounded like a good one when I took it and it started off okay, but as my duties involved more and more work and less and less being outside in the sun doing nothing, I really began to despise going there each day. And now it's over. Yay!

In addition to that, A.J. picked me up after work and we went out to a fabulous dinner to celebrate my not having to work my ass off for $12 an hour any more. Then we went back to his house and had the most amazing sex. Twice.

There's just something about having your clit licked while you know you don't have to go to work in the morning that makes it so much better. Plus, we were both in rare form ... I think it had something to do with the chocolate cake we had for dessert or something.

You know that sex where, when you're done, you both just sort of lay there, sweating and panting, and every couple minutes one of you just says, "Wow." We did that last night. Twice.

So the morale of this story is obviously to quit your job, go have a great dinner, eat some extraordinary chocolate cake and go fuck your brains out. If that doesn't brighten your day and put a smile on your face, nothing will.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Living Arrangements

Yesterday I talked about how A.J. and I will no longer be within shouting distance (or fucking distance, if you prefer) at school this year, with his move to a new residence.

He and I chatted about that very subject via instant message while I was at work yesterday and had the following exchange (I fixed the spelling and punctuation so we don't look like total idiots):

ASH: I was thinking ... are we going by a "don't ask don't tell" thing for who we have over?

A.J.: You mean do you have to tell me what guys you have in your room?

ASH: That's another way of putting it, I guess.

A.J.: That's up to you, but if you ask, I'll tell you.

ASH: Hence the "don't ask don't tell" idea.

A.J.: Okay, so no limitations?

ASH: Well, maybe we should have something.

A.J.: Like what?

ASH: How about I get letters A-M and you get N-Z?

A.J.: Last names or first names?

ASH: Hmm ... let's go with first names, since you don't always know the last name.

A.J.: Sounds good. So this means you can't fuck any Steves, Toms or Nicks this year.

ASH: Yeah, but it also means Ashleys are off-limits for you.

A.J.: That's probably for the best anyway.

Isn't romance great?

Monday, August 23, 2004

Right Around the Corner

I was out Friday night, having a good old time with some of my favorite people in the world, and I suddenly found myself really depressed.

One of my friends (who has a job and a life that has nothing to do with school) was talking about going to a local concert in a few weeks and he said something like, "If any of you guys wanna come with, I have two extra tickets."

So I thought to myself, "Yeah! I'd love to go!" And then I thought to myself, "Aw, fuck, I start school in a couple weeks!"

The end of summer has definitely snuck up on me. Every year, after I take my last final exam, I say, "This is gonna be great, I have three months of total freedom." (Well, aside from the part about living with my parents, but you know what I mean.)

And, inevitably, I end up doing a lot less during those three months than I planned on doing or should have done. But still, three months of living with your parents, working a crappy job and being able to do whatever the hell you want without having to worry about due dates and studying and setting your alarm clock so you can wake up for some idiotic biology lecture isn't a bad way to live.

It's not that I dislike moving away to go to school each year, as much as I like my life during the summer a lot and I'm just not quite ready to end it yet.

I also found out this weekend that A.J. (aka "The Boy I've Been Fucking All Summer") is not going to be living in the same place on campus that he lived last year, which also happened to be where I lived. I, on the other hand, am living in the exact same place, which means we will no longer be within 60 seconds of being naked and sweaty at all times.

I suppose it's not such a bad thing, since we are definitely not ready to get "serious" about our relationship. This will give me a little more breathing room when it comes to talking with/flirting with/having sex with other boys, which is always a great thing.

Still, A.J. and I became so close last year because of how close we were to each other, literally. He was right down the hall and around the corner from me, which meant we got all the good perks of being "roommates" without all the annoying stuff like having to be together constantly.

This just might be the best of both worlds, though. He'll be close enough for me to spend a lot of time with if that's what we want to do, yet far enough away that I don't have to always see him and he isn't always aware of what I'm doing.

In other words, I could jog over to his place whenever I wanted, but he'd have no idea if I was having wild, sweaty orgies in my room four nights a week.

I'm planning to go back-to-school shopping this weekend and I'm thinking the one thing I need more than anything else is a "Do Not Disturb" sign for my door.