That Ashley Girl

Friday, August 13, 2004

What's In A Name?

The other day I said that one of my dreams is to have Tony Pierce begin one of his blog entries with "That Ashley Girl came over last night ..." like he's been known to write about girls.

Unfortunately, Tony stopped by in the comments section to point out the fatal flaw in my dream: He already writes that about a different girl named Ashley, so his readers probably wouldn't even realize he was talking about me. As Tony said, "Tragic, huh?"

So there's yet another dream that won't come true.

I've never really been a big fan of my name. To me, "Ashley" is a nice name for a little girl, someone who wears her hair in pigtails and plays with Barbies. While I still wear pigtails on occasion (try it ladies, boys LOVE it), I never really got into Barbies, and now I'm just some sort-of grown up girl stuck with the name.

Over the years, most of my friends have just called me "Ash" and I've also gotten "Ashy" or "Ashers" quite a bit. None of those are exactly wonderful names for a smart, sexy woman of 21 either.

In fact, I was reading this article from that says a person's name can influence the way others judge their looks. Seriously. Here's a little from the article ...

New research has revealed that the vowel sounds in your name could influence how others judge the attractiveness of your face.


Women with round-sounding names such as Laura tended to score higher than those with smaller vowel sounds.

I'm pretty sure Ashley is not a "round-sounding name," but to be honest I'm not 100% positive. Either way, I think my name sucks.

Beyond sounding like a little kid's name, there are way too many girls (and even boys) named Ashley (or Ashleigh) walking around these days, especially people my age. It's annoying when you're in a class with eight different Ashleys and everyone is going by their last name and getting all confused.

So which names do I like? After long hours of contemplation, I've decided I like the following names, in no particular order:

- Jessica (options include "Jess" and "Jessie")
- Emily (options include "Em")
- Stephanie (options include "Steph")
- Jennifer (options include "Jen" and "Jenny")
- Anne (options include "Annie" and "Anna")
- Julia (options include "Jules")
- Amy (options include "Ames")
- Alicia (options include ... I dunno, maybe "Alice"?)
- Rachel (options include "Rach" and "Chel")
- Samantha (options include "Sam")

Those are some of the ones I like. As you can tell, I'm not looking for a super-duper interesting, unique name or anything. In fact, I think most of these "new" names young kids have are kind of silly. I guess I'm an old-fashioned girl (yeah, right!)

What do you guys think? Is Ashley good or bad? And which of those names above do you think would be good for me?

Personally, I think I like the sound of "Emily came over last night ..." but I guess I'll have to run that by Tony to see if he's currently having relations with any other Emilys.

Actually though, now that I think about it, I'm sure if my name were Emily I'd get stuck with being called "Em" just like everyone calls me "Ash" now, which is just as bad. Why is it that our parents give us these names and then everyone is too lazy to call us by them?

Of course, I'm not exactly one to talk, as I'm currently fucking a boy whose "name" is actually two letters with a couple periods. Incidentally, A.J.'s name has absolutely nothing to do with me being attracted to him. He could be named "Nancy" and I'd still get wet when he takes his shirt off.

Actually, I'd like to do my own study of names that I'm sure would show that, if a boy has a nice face, six-pack abs and an eight-inch cock, his name could not possibly matter less.

I assume the same is true for girls (substitute "big tits and "a nice ass" for "six-pack abs" and "an eight-inch cock"), because in 21 years on this planet I've never had a boy say "you know, you'd be really hot if you had a different name."

I have, however, heard a few boys say "What's my name?!" to me repeatedly, although I'm typically naked and on all fours at the time. Maybe I could do a study about that ...

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Quiz Time

I am so jealous.

Steph and Lola from Steph Does South Beach went to California and (in addition to touching Lenny Kravitz) visited everyone's favorite million-year-old blogger, Tony Pierce. I think they may have even stayed at Tony's house, which makes me hope they gave Tony the three-way loving he so richly deserves.

Tony's "busblog" was one of the first blogs I can remember reading. He writes funny shit and serious shit and goofy shit, and he always has cool pictures and photo essays. He's like a one-man multimedia machine, and there's something that's very sexy about that.

Plus, more than anything, I think it would be so cool to have him start one of his entries with, "That Ashley Girl came over last night ..." like he writes about so many girls -- both real and imagined -- who give it up to the hottest boy on the blogosphere.

Maybe someday, if I ever decide the whole anonymous thing isn't working for me. Until then, I'll just live vicariously through Steph and Lola, I guess.

In the meantime, Tony had a 36-question quiz the other day and I thought it might be fun to take it. Here goes nothin' ...

1) What color are your bedroom walls?

Very light pink at home, off-white (read: dirty) at school.

2) What book are you reading right now?

What's a book? Send me the link and I'll check it out.

3) What's on your mouse pad?

Don't be silly, laptops don't have mouse pads.

4) Favorite board game?

Monopoly. I like to be the banker.

5) Favorite magazine?

People, no doubt. For the pictures in the front, if nothing else.

6) Favorite smell?

Freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies.

7) Favorite color?

Pink. "It's like red but not quite."

8) Least favorite color?

Brown. Yuck. At least black makes you look thin.

9) How many rings before your answering machine picks up?

Depends on if I'm trying to avoid someone screen calls. If I am, it picks up after three rings. If I'm not (or if I'm at my parents' house), it takes five rings.

10) Most important material thing in your life?

Definitely my computer. I mean, if I didn't have that, how would I have gotten this quiz from Tony's blog?

11) Favorite flavor of ice cream?

Anything chocolate, and keep it coming.

12) Do you break the speed limit daily?

Only if I'm driving.

13) Do you have a stuffed animal in your room somewhere?

Of course.

14) Storms -- cool or scary?

Very cool. I love the sound of rain falling on the roof.

15) Favorite drink?

Margarita, but anything with alcohol with do.

16) When is your birthday?


17) Favorite vegetable?


18) If you could have any job, what would it be?

Tie between professional shopper and professional cunnilingus receiver.

19) If you could have any color hair, what would it be?

Thanks to the magic of dye, I've pretty much had every color hair. But if we're talking about my real hair, I might like to give red a try.

20) Have you ever been in love?

Yes, boys are cute.

21) Top three favorite movies in order?

The Godfather, Annie Hall and American Beauty.

22) Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?


23) What's under your bed?

At home? Nothing. At school? Clothes, books, boxes, condoms, ex-boyfriends.

24) What is your favorite number?


25) Favorite sport to watch on TV and in person?


26) What is your single biggest fear?

That someone I know will find out about this blog.

27) Favorite CD of all time and right now?

All-time is a tie between James Taylor: Greatest Hits and The Best of Van Morrison. Right now is Heavier Things (John Mayer).

28) Favorite TV show of all time and right now?

Seinfeld and Seinfeld (on re-runs)

29) Hamburgers or hot dogs?


30) The coolest place you've ever been?

In love (just kidding ... wanted to see if you were still paying attention). Um ... let's say Cancun.

31) What wallpaper and/or screen saver is on your computer right now?

This delicious picture of the wonderful and amazing Brad Pitt ...

32) Does McDonald's skimp on your fries and do you care?

If they do, I'd like to thank them for doing their part to keep my tummy nice and tight.

33) Favorite chain restaurant?


34) If you have a boy what would you name him?

Wait, I'm pregnant?! Okay, let's say ... Nate.

35) If you could learn to play one instrument overnight, what would it be?

Guitar, since I'm already quite skilled at playing the skin flute.

36) Where did you get this from?

The future Mr. That Ashley Girl, Tony Pierce.

Monday, August 09, 2004


I think a lot of boys would be surprised to learn how many girls are into porn. Maybe not "into it" as much as the average boy, of course, but I mean "into it" like they enjoy watching porn on occasion. I'm one of those girls.

I know some boys who pretty much watch porn on a daily basis, and I have to say I don't think I could ever get into it that much. But a couple times a month, depending on the situation, and it is definitely something I enjoy.

Shocking, I know.

Thanks in part to "Sex and the City," a lot of girls I know (myself included) have watched gay porn. While there is something very interesting about seeing a boy fuck another boy in the ass, it gets old pretty quick.

Once you've seen one incredibly in-shape, hairless-chested bodybuilder boy slam another incredibly in-shape, hairless-chested bodybuilder boy, you've seen them all.

Plus, for me, one of the main things about porn that turns me on is being able to sort of imagine myself in the movie. When it's two boys going at it, with their cocks swinging around and their big, muscular butts being penetrated, it's just hard for me, with my vagina and petite (although muscular) butt, to get all that excited about it.

With that said, some of you are probably wondering what I think of lesbian porn. To be honest, I'm not a big fan, and I think that probably says a lot about just how much I like boys.

Don't get me wrong, I think girls are very beautiful, and I'm not even ruling out having some sort of sexual relationship with a female in the future, but if I'm going to watch two people having sex, I want it to involve a big, hard cock going into a soft, moist pussy.

Which brings me to the types of porn I like to watch ...

Basically, I like the regular, boring, one-on-one, heterosexual, boy-and-girl stuff. I also like boys with big, thick cocks and really good bodies, mostly because that's what turns me on in real (non porn) life.

As for the girls, I tend to enjoy watching young-looking girls with non-fake tits, which I suppose is because I am a young-looking girl with non-fake tits, right?

If you get me a video of a good looking boy with a nice body and a big cock having sex with a pretty girl with a nice body that doesn't include big, fake, watermelon-sized boobs, I'll watch it and, more often than not, enjoy it quite a bit.

Another thing I like in porn is a story. Not so much an incredible script or anything, but just a scenario that is being played out. Maybe the girl is auditioning for a part in a movie or she's hitchhiking or she's going in to talk to her teacher about her bad grades.

Or maybe the boy is delivering a pizza to the girl or cleaning her pool or stripping for her at a male strip-club. I don't need an award-winning plot, but I do like some sort of setup to the fucking.

Again, I think this is because part of the turn-on of porn to me is being able to imagine myself as the girl in the movie. And, while I typically don't just find myself in a room having sex with some boy, I can imagine times where I might be in one of those scenarios and end up naked and sweaty with a boy.

I have to say though, when I watch porn it is always on TV. I've been known to rent a movie and some of the girls I know even get together, rent a movie, and watch porn in a group.

On the other hand, most of the porn-watching boys I know are watching it on the computer, which I'm either too computer-illiterate to get into or just haven't been exposed to.

Not that I'm against it. I mean, if you can get a movie of two people fucking to show up on your laptop, more power to you. I just don't know how it works and I'm not about to put a charge like that on my credit card (the statements for which my mom has been known to look at).

So what does everyone think? Are any of my fellow ladies out there also turned on by the occasional girl-on-boy porn, or am I alone here?

For the boys out there (or maybe girls too), when you do your porn watching, is it on video/TV or is on the computer? And if it's on the computer, what are some of your go-to sites? Maybe I can learn something new.

By the way, my favorite thing to do with porn is to sit down with a boy, pop in a porn video, and see how long it takes before your clothes are off. My all-time record for keeping my clothes on is about three minutes, and that's mostly because the video had a bunch of previews on it.

There's just something about watching a cock sliding in and out of a pussy or a girl bouncing up and down on a rock hard cock that makes me want to get naked. Go figure.