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Friday, July 09, 2004

My Crush

I was reading my new friend Tayden's The Truth Blog yesterday and I thought his entry on going to a John Mayer concert was a great one.

Here's some of the entry ...

Now of you think you know JM from his songs on the radio or his CD's you're dead wrong. The guy is one of the greatest guitar players of this new generation. On top of that, how many pop stars do u see singing Marvin Gay in the middle of his set, and then busting into a call and response with the sax player who was only there to play backup. Fucking unreal.

Red Rocks is like a musical pleasure device. When an artist gets on stage and plays their first note it just rubs them the right way. And they have a musical climax. And the fans feel it. And then they have one too. And it's better than any sex I've ever had because we both come together. And it lasts forever. Last night it went for an hour and 20 minutes plus a 20 minute encore.

I'm telling you, the man can play the guitar. And, shit, if that's not enough, some of his lyrics are unreal. Which is the kicker for me because, of the two types of music lovers, I am definitely more lyrically inclined. And he's a musician's musician. Trust me on this one. He could have been one of the best blues guitarists of all time. Instead he chose to be a rockstar. Can u blame him?

I think people are way too hard on John Mayer.

I know a lot of boys -- maybe even most boys -- think his music is too poppy, too pansy, too pussy or too whatever other P-word you wanna use. But, as Tayden said, that's just the stuff you hear on the radio.

I've seen John Mayer in concert twice and the show he puts on is so incredible and so different than the stuff people think of him for doing that it's amazing. To me, he's some kind of a mix of James Taylor, Dave Matthews, Stevie Ray Vaughan and that guy in the 10th grade who you just really wanted to make out with so bad.

He's passionate, he's soulful, he's talented, he's not afraid to take a chance with his music, and his lyrics are clever and inspiring. Plus, he's nice to look at, too.

I saw him once in a very small venue, before he was famous, and once in a big venue, after he made it big. He played exactly the same both times, which is to say he was giving everything he had to put on a great show, to give the audience great music and to have a good time on stage.

I know it's cliche for a girl to want to sleep with a rockstar, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to do it. After I saw him the first time, I would have seriously considered sleeping with a tour bus full of roadies just to meet John Mayer. After the second time I saw him, I was in love.

First of all, he sings like an angel. Such a great voice, so smooth and soulful, with rhythm and pain and passion. He's also cute as hell, with just the right mix of cockiness, dorkiness, sweetness and sexiness. The deep eyes, the bushy hair, the dimpled chin. And he makes the weirdest faces while he sings, like his face is straining to get the emotions out.

I defy you to see him in concert and listen to him sing "Victoria" or "Love Song for No One" or "Sucker" or "Why Georgia" or "My Stupid Mouth" or "Daughters" or whatever cover he's doing that night and not come away from it a fan.

Here's my favorite John Mayer lyric ...

Something 'bout the way your hair falls in your face
I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase
You tell me where to go and
Though I might leave to find it
I'll never let your head hit the bed
Without my hand behind it

I swear, if a boy ever said/wrote that to me ... well, I'd do some things that would make my mother faint.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Comments on Cumming

At first I was sort of skeptical about enabling comments here. First and foremost I thought, "Who would possibly care enough to comment?!" And then I also thought, "What if they care enough to comment and are really mean!"

But, after Tayden from The Truth Blog told me what a cool thing comments can be, I decided to give them a try. I gotta say, they're pretty great (thanks to everyone who left a comment over the past couple days!).

I don't really have any brilliant ideas for stuff to talk about today (nothing exciting happened yesterday, sadly), so I thought I'd respond to some of the comments that were left regarding Tuesday's "Tackling the Important Issues" entry (also known as the "Why do boys love to cum on my face" entry).

Steve said:

You are like a female sexual Jack Handey. Cumming on someone's face...hmm. I'm sorry, I'm so inexperienced that it normally goes off in my pants before it gets as close as a mile to someone's face. I have a conservatism in me which allows sex, but doesn't allow me to get kinky, so I don't think I would make the request unless she wanted me to cum in her face. Otherwise it's just a waste. Then again, I've been talking out of my ass this entire post. I'll be back frequently, you are a good writer.

For future reference, compliments will get you everywhere, people. Perhaps even in my pants! (Don't laugh, it's been known to happen.)

Incidentally, I have a good story about a boy cumming in his pants. Maybe I'll tell it next week or something (gotta do something to keep you coming back for more, right?).

Anonymous said:

It was definately that group of 50 girls that started the commotion. I told them they were going to raise all hell and start a whole new pop culture phenomenon, but they wouldn't listen. I just don't understand it. On occasion, I'll even see a girl walking around with a bit of while stuff dripping from her nostril, and I just say to myself, "Yeah, those damned 50."

Just kidding. ;) I've never wanted to do that myself, actually.

Don't joke about a girl walking around with cum dripping from her nose. I haven't had that happen, but it has been known to get stuck in girls' hair. Not that I'd know anything about that, but I've heard stories ...

By the way, almost every boy in the comments or in the e-mails I got said something like "I've never wanted to do that myself." I knew this would happen.

In fact, in the entry I wrote: "And don't give me any of that stuff about how you're not interested in doing it. If no boys are interested in doing it, how come (no pun intended) all these girls have jizz on their faces?! Someone is doing it!"

Oh well.

J-Mo said:

First of all I'm impressed by your willingness to comply with the request of every guy you're blowing/fucking. Being open minded and experimental is such a fucking turn on.

Porn is definitely to blame. I think when people started getting hot on the actual cumming part of the sex, where better to blow it then on the girls face. Second it's the power trip thing. Not to freak you out, but it's defitely a "make this girl your whore" type deal.

As a guy I've done the facial, but only on one ocassion and it wasn't directly intended to be all over her face. I really don't want to cum on a girls face, I know it cant be good for her and it's not making my orgasm any better so whats the point. I would be just as content to cum anywhere on her body, and would much rather cum in her mouth then all over her face.

But that's me.

You know, "I'm impressed by your willingness to comply with the request of every guy you're blowing/fucking" has to be the goofiest compliment I've ever received. But thanks! I think a big part of sex is making the other person feel good, so I'm willing to do some things that I don't necessarily love doing.

I also totally agree that "being open minded and experimental is such a fucking turn on." Huge, huge turn-on. There is nothing worse than a boy who is too shy or repressed to tell you what he really likes or what he'd like to try. I know a lot of boys complain that girls are shy in this regard, which is why I try to be open about everything. I mean, if you can't be open minded when you're naked with someone, when can you be open minded?

I'm willing to go along with the "porn is to blame" angle. It makes some sense. However, I think I might me in the minority by being a girl who watches and enjoys porn. So where are these girls who aren't porn-watchers getting the idea to let guys mess up their face? Or are the guys just suggesting it after watching a porn and the girls are just going along for the ride? I guess that's probably it, since that's what happened to me the first time.

It's interesting to me that you'd say you "would much rather cum in her mouth then all over her face." If you think about it, what's the difference? Aren't they both sort of about the same thing? Feeling powerful, making the girl do something that might be viewed as degrading, etc?

I've done both and I actually think I'd rather have it on my face. I'm not horribly against either, but I'd rather have to wash something off my face than have to taste/swallow it. Oh, and by the way, you boys should know that sometimes you just don't taste all that wonderful.

I was with a boy once who came in a Kleenex and, while it was very clean and easy, there was something about it that was unsatisfying, even for me.

Cumming is a weird thing, huh?

Robin said:

Yes, I'm a guy, I didn't pick my name...

Porn is a big part of it. Porn has to keep pushing the envelope to one-up the last guy. Cumming on a girls face is just an extention of the "women are just a piece of meat" mentality.

Any guy who really knows will tell you that cumming inside a girls vagina or inside her mouth is a much better orgasm because of the physical touching of the penis. Same goes for having a guy suck on your clitoris, orgasm heaven.

Hope you find a guy who wants you for more than just being another "piece of meat".

Another vote for "porn is to blame."

Is cumming inside a girl still the best even when you're wearing a condom? I think a lot of the "facials" are a result of a boy wanting to cum without a condom on. So that means doing it inside a girl is no longer an option (usually), so the face/mouth is the next best place. Or am I totally off-base?

Agreed about the clit sucking. This is a very underrated part of sex. The clit is your friend, boys. Your little, pulsating friend.

The last part of Robin's comment is an interesting one. I've always been amazed that a girl who likes to have sex is a whore or a piece of meat, but a boy who likes sex is just a boy who likes sex. Now, certainly I hope to find boys in my life who enjoy being with me for more than sex. At the same time, there's nothing wrong with being a piece of meat.

I think I'd describe my current "relationship" with A.J. as two pieces of meat who like to hang out with each other.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The New Kournikova?

I am a pretty big sports nut, for a girl at least. I like to watch basketball, football and tennis, but baseball and hockey bore me. I'm not saying I should be entering any sports trivia contests or anything, but I know enough that boys I know think it's cool that I'm so interested.

Anyway, during the past week or so, there's been a lot of attention paid to this girl Maria Sharapova, the 17-year-old who won Wimbledon. She's been all over ESPN and I've even seen features on her on other channels. The #1 thing that comes up when she is discussed is that she's good looking and young, and the #2 thing that comes up is Anna Kournikova.

Here's the start of an article about Sharapova on

Move over, Anna Kournikova.

Teenage sensation Maria Sharapova has replaced the glamour girl of tennis as Russia's newest sweetheart following her dream run to the Wimbledon title.

And then there's this article, also on, that is essentially all about comparing her to Anna. Here's a quote:

She is a Siberian-born blonde with a lithe 6-foot, 130-pound body that has already graced Gentleman's Quarterly, among other prestigious magazines. She has a contract with IMG Models, which also handles Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks. Her IMG management team has worked hard to position her as the next Kournikova.

Brace yourself, America, here comes Maria.

But here's the difference: This girl can play.

I don't know enough about tennis to comment on whether or not she's already better than Kournikova, and I really don't care. When it comes to her looks though, here's the problem ... Maria Sharapova is no Anna Kournikova. She just isn't, and I know that's sad for people like ESPN who want to turn her into a star.

Here are a couple pictures of "the new Anna" ...

That one's the glamour shot and, I have to say, her face just isn't all that beautiful. And before you go accusing me of being "catty," I asked a boy I know and he agreed, saying, "Not a great lid." (By the way, why must boys come up with stupid nicknames for everything? Lid?!)

And that's one of her on the court, looking, I must admit, very slender and fit and pretty.

Now, compare what you've just seen to the real Anna ...

It's just hard to beat the original, I guess. In my opinion, Anna is far more attractive than Sharapova and her "sexiness level" is off the charts. But, being a girl, I brought in a couple unbiased, male experts to see what they thought.

When shown the above four pictures of Maria and Anna, A.J., a 21-year-old boy who has been having sex with me for the past year, said: "The one who won Wimbledon is cute, in like a 'little sister' sort of way. Kournikova is hot, in like a 'I'd like to fuck her immediately and very hard' sort of way."

I thought perhaps his opinion was skewed because of that fact that he's been getting consistent sex for so long (and from such a lovely girl, too), so I brought in my second expert, my little brother (who, at 16, I can only assume is not getting sex, consistent or otherwise). He said, "Kournikova is way better. That other chick is flat-chested."

For some reason that bugged me, so I said, "What do you know about flat-chested?!" His reply? "I know plenty."

I think he's lying, but who knows.

Anyway, I think the experts have spoken on this issue. Incidentally, A.J., disturbingly excited that I was suddenly interested in finding pictures of Anna Kournikova, pointed me to these ones of Anna ...

When asked why those pictures were so great, he smiled a weird, creepy smile and said, "That is a perfect ass, nice and round, but not too big. And you can tell her boobs are big, bigger than I expected. Plus, her body is just so tight ... damn!"

I could tell he wanted to continue his assessment of the pictures, but I cut him off and told him to go take a cold shower or something.

In the case of Maria vs. Anna, the vote is 3-0 in favor of the reigning champion, Ms. Kournikova. The prosecution rests.

(Special thanks to the incredibly sexy, talented and kind Tony Pierce, whose suggestion that I should "maybe add a few pictures" to my entries inspired me to do today's thing.)

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Tackling the Important Issues

I've decided not to pull any punches here. I'm anonymous and no one I know knows I am writing this, so there's no danger in talking honestly about anything and everything I can think up, right? So ...

What's the deal with boys wanting to cum on girls' faces?

If you are a sexually active female between the ages of 16 and 40, you have no doubt noticed the sudden upswing in this behavior from boys. I've not only noticed it in my personal experiences, but in porn as well. And yes, I do watch porn.

I am hoping my male readers will chime in here and give me their thoughts. And don't give me any of that stuff about how you're not interested in doing it. If no boys are interested in doing it, how come (no pun intended) all these girls have jizz on their faces?! Someone is doing it!

The first time I was faced (no pun intended, again) with this issue was in high school. I was at this boy's house and we were doing "stuff" in his room. Back then I wouldn't let just anyone fuck me, but I was giving out blow jobs like they were going out of style (which they weren't ... blow jobs are definitely still in style).

So there I was, showing him what I could do, and when we get to the "end," he says, "I want to cum on your face." Now, up until this point the only major request I had gotten in this situation was "I want to cum in your mouth" or, a subtle variation, "I want you to swallow it."

If you would have told me, way back when I gave my first handjob to this boy named Jeremy at summer camp, that I would someday be letting boys cum in my mouth, I would have called you a liar. But I am someone willing to adapt to the times, and I eventually had no problem letting boys cum in my mouth. I even learned to swallow, like a "good girl" should.

In fact, I once had a boy tell me, "Good girls spit ... better girls swallow." Boys are such poets.

Anyway, it came (again, no pun intended) as a shock to my system when I got my first "on your face" request. I didn't really want to at the time, but there isn't much you can say to disuade a boy when he's got the "OH YEAH!" face and he's about three seconds from losing it, so I just smiled and waited for it.

And it came (okay, that one was intended) and was a real mess. That wasn't the worst part. The worst part is that 30 seconds later, after the horniness has completely left the boy, there I was with a bunch of cum on my face. I don't know how he avoided laughing.

And then a couple years passed without any face cumming and I found my way to college. Suddenly the request resurfaced, and constantly. By this past year, I couldn't give a blow job without the boy wanting to leave his little present on my sweet little face.

And while I once again adapted (begrudgingly, for sure), I still don't understand it all. I mean, I understand on the most basic level that it is probably a power trip for the boy. Lord knows half the stuff boys do sexually can probably be summed up with "it is probably a power trip," but this goes beyond that.

Every boy is asking for this. From one-night stands and long-term relationships to porn stars and drunken frat boys. How did this find its way into the mainstream?

Is there a group of girls somewhere who are to blame? Like maybe 50 of them all got together and went around giving blow jobs, telling every boy that he had to cum on their face? Or is porn to blame? And if porn is to blame, how did porn get the bright idea to start making every scene end with the girl getting her face messy?

These are the things I think of all day. Actually, these are the things I think of after I give a blow job that ends in a "facial." When we first got together, A.J. would cum wherever I told him to. He was just thankful that I was making him cum, so thankful that anything else didn't even cross his mind.

But now we've been "fuck buddies" for a while and he's gotten into the habit of requesting a "facial" about half the time. I oblige, of course, because I'm usually caught up in the moment and because I am a good girl who likes to please, but I almost always start wondering about it afterwards.

So here I am, a young, sexually active girl, wondering how and why all these boys got so obsessed with cumming on my face?

Monday, July 05, 2004

My First Reader E-Mail

Well hello again! I know, I know, I've been gone for a long time. Long story, but I actually went on a little vacation and then, when I got back, I just wasn't much in the mood to write anything. But here I am, back to writing stuff. For the six of you who are still checking this website, thanks!

Anyway, while I was away, I got my first ever reader e-mail about my post on the "reverse cowgirl" sexual position.

Hi Ashley,

I normally do not write to bloggers but your blog caught my attention for one reason: sheer honesty. The reverse cowgirl post was hilarious. I've paid particular attention to the reverse cowgirl position in porn flicks for several reason, but one of the most is the intense look in the woman when the man starts pumping his dick into the pussy. Some stars can take a lot of thrusting from the man without any signature of pain i.e she has a paralytic pussy while others grimace with each penetration; the head intermittenly retracts backwards reflexively. This is a clear sign of a quality pussy, I love watching those moments when even after fuck number 50 she feels the ectasy of the reverse cowgirl position.

Now about the body aspect, a flush ab from the pussy straight to the base of the tit is ideal. The best example is the Czech porn star Sylvia Saint, check out her movies, she is blessed with a perfect 'rc' ab and an unabelievable ass even a black woman would envy. The ab can be polished up with crunches not over zealously but enough to expose a layer of six pack: this is hard and requires dedication but the pay off is worth it.

One thing I did not speak was the importance of dick size, a thick long dick is preferable for this position. Small and semi-hard dicks are poor options. Normally black man have the right combination of length and thickness but the chances of finding quality meat is hard and even then the risks of diseases are higher. If you want a candidate besides your boyfriend, try searching out for joggers or athletic types. They have very strong backs and can take a pounding better than a normal Joe. Fat guys are the worst option, never take them.


What a great e-mail! Despite what my parents may tell you, I am a grown woman, yet reading stuff with "pussy" and "ass" and dick" and "fuck" in it always makes me feel so dirty (and sexy, too). Which is why I'm such a "potty mouth," as my mom always says.

A little tip to any boys out there who run into me: Talk freely and openly about sex (it's fun!), and don't be afraid to talk dirty. Definite turn-on in every imaginable way.

Now, about what Derrick had to say ...

In the thing about reverse cowgirl, I said that my friend "Katie and I decided that our ultimate goal for working out is to look really incredible doing 'reverse cowgirl.'"

After reading Derrick's e-mail, I have a new goal: I want to be told I have a "quality pussy." Seriously, what could be a better compliment than that?!

I think I do have one, too. I keep it nicely groomed, I've been told it looks attractive, and I can't tell you how many times I've heard a boy say (or, more accurately, moan) something like, "Oh shit it feels so good!" while he's, you know, testing me out.

As for Derrick's statement that, "a thick long dick is preferable for this position" ... I hate to break it to all the boys out there, but a "thick, long dick" is "preferable" for EVERY position. I don't consider myself a "size queen" at all, but given the choice, I'll take bigger and thicker every time.

I think any girl that says differently probably has some issues. I mean, that's like asking a boy if he'd like to get inside a pussy that was "wetter and tighter." What boy you know is gonna say "no, I like em dry and loose"?!

Derrick also says, "the chances of finding quality meat is hard." Now, I assume the pun there was not intended. Anyway, I agree with Derrick ... "quality meat" (that's such a cool way of saying "a big dick") is extremely difficult (see how I didn't say "hard") to find. That's why I haven't gotten rid of my boy A.J., who definitely has some quality meat. :)

Now that I've returned to blogging, I'm really going to make an effort to write at least one thing every day. But it'll definitely help me stay motivated if I get some e-mails of encouragement from readers and some links from other blogs, so make sure to let me know if you like stopping by here.